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                  The tarpaulin factory teaches you how to fold and pack tarpaulins

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                    We all know that the use of tarpaulin can bring a lot of convenience, but when the tarpaulin after use, its folding and packaging troubled a lot of people, the following tarpaulin factory teach you how to fold and pack tarpaulin.
                    First of all, the tarpaulin tiles up the front, out of the two side rope, the length of the two sides of the edge of the tarp to the middle line, and then folded on both sides of their own into three equal parts, . Again, the tarpaulin width direction of the two sides of the tarpaulin transverse midline fold, each to the middle of three consecutive fold and then practical. In addition, is tied with a reserve rope, tied on both sides of the cross, tied tightly tied, rope head plug good.
                    In use, try to avoid collision with the sharp metal, if there is damage to the place, you can use the glue liquid repair. Also, if it is used to cover the time of the goods to pay attention to the reserved vents, if too tight, it will cause damage to water vapor goods. If the use of time is too long to seepage of the phenomenon, the replacement of tarpaulin.

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