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                  How to identify the quality of tarpaulin?

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                    Tarp is the quality of our concern, so grasp the quality of identifying the key to Pengbu is very important, here we take a look at identifying the quality of the key issues Pengbu to give you better help.
                    First, the price. Although the quality of such products and the price does not exist the decisive link, but in the product price, quality often occupy a certain proportion. In general, the same area, the price is relatively high, then the quality of the product better. However, the price alone as the basis for purchase, tend to cause some drawbacks. therefore. In considering the price factor, we also want the product's practicality as the main reference factor.
                    Second, the density. Tarpaulin quality generally affected by what factors? The density of the product must be one of the important factors. Product identification is very simple way, that is, to view the latitude and longitude of the product, the more dense, then the better the quality of the product. Secondly, we should also pay attention to the roughness of the product surface. In the selection process, we can feel the product by hand roughness and softness. In general, we can feel the different products to determine the use of materials.
                    Third, the test. An important feature of tarpaulin is waterproof, so we can try to pour a small amount of water on the surface of the product, if the water is not deep tarp, then the quality of such products is relatively good.
                  Now you know what is the key to identifying the quality of tarpaulin?

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