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                  Haihan sincerely welcomes all tide players, Taihe will always develop prosperously!

                  Welcome to Jinan HITAC New Materials Co., Ltd.!

                  HITAC New Materials was primarily established in 1992 and now has developed firmly and steadily for 24 years. With 24 years of hard efforts and three relocations, the company has never forgotten its initial determination. After Rubber and Plastic Products Factory, Rubber and Plastic Products Co., Ltd. and HITAC Coated Cloth Co., Ltd. as well as Jinan HITAC New Materials Co., Ltd., unyielding HITAC people are capturing the opportunity to face challenges and make rapid development!
                  Here, many sincere thanks to every friend paying attention to HITAC New Materials, because your understanding, trust, care and support have contributed a lot to HITAC New Materials’ steady and rapid development.
                  Sea accepts hundred rivers, Mount Tai is as high as the sky! After 24 years of hard work, HITAC New Materials has gradually grown into a research and production base of new industrial textile composite materials from primary single tarpaulin manufacturer. Over the next few years, the company will expand the research and development of new materials to four fields, including outdoor leisure sports articles, soft carriages, inflatable products, civil appliances outdoor protection and undertake the large construction project of film field in Salt Lake and Yanchi.
                  Idlers boast the strong pass is a wall of iron, with firm strides we are crossing its summit. New HITAC, new journey and new achievements! We believe, Jinan HITAC New Materials Co., Ltd. will go ahead with friends from all sectors in a larger field and create a bright and beautiful tomorrow!
                  Chairman of Jinan HITAC New Materials Co., Ltd.: Liu Hongxin